Diamond Anvil Cells for Analytical Studies in Infrared


The diamond anvil cell has proven to be an invaluable research tool in the field of IR spectroscopy.  Analytical chemists and spectroscopists use a "low pressure" version of a diamond anvil cell as a sample holder for small amounts of material to be characterized using infrared radiation.  These cells are used with an FTIR or IR microscope in industrial and forensic laboratories to obtain the IR spectrum of organic and inorganic materials including paint chips, fibers, plastics, nylon, rubber, paper products, minerals and chemicals.  The recorded IR spectrum is known as the "chemical fingerprint" of a substance because it is unique to each chemical compound.  The diamond cell is designed to flatten material to allow maximum transmission of the IR radiation resulting in sharp, clear spectra.



MA-II Cell Thumbnail
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Ideal IR accessory

Compression using finger pressure

No sample preparation required

Parallel orientation of 0.8mm pressure surfaces


MBIR Cell Thumbnail
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Compresses difficult materials - rubber

Modified round brilliant anvils

0.6mm pressure surfaces



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